Easy conversation topics : Family

Do you find it difficult to think of something to speak about, when you don't know someone very well?

Finding "easy" topics to talk about when you have just met someone or don't know them very well, is a really important factor in feeling confident when speaking English. If you are taking IELTS, this is also helpful when they ask you to talk about yourself. Of course, we want to avoid awkward silences and most of the time people always have something to say about their families. People love talking about themselves!

Let's look at a typical conversation two people may have when they don't know each other too well.

Are you married?

Yes, I am. And you?

No...not yet!. Me and my girlfriend have just got engaged.

Wow! Congratulations. When are you getting married?

Oh..not until next year. What does your husband do?

He's an IT consultant. He works from home, so we share the childcare.

You have kids? How many?

I have 2 daughters and a son. So, do you live with your fiancee?

No, we both live at home with our parents. We have to save up some money...!

The fundamental skill in having a conversation is listening and responding. In the conversation above we see two people asking each other questions and responding appropriately to each other's information. It's like passing a ball between each other!

Here are some phrases and key vocabulary for talking about your family:

  • Are you married?

  • I have been married for... ( eg 10 years)...

  • What does your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/fiance/fiancee do?

  • Do you have any children?

  • To live at home with parents- adult children living with their parents

  • To share childcare- both parents take care of their children

  • To be engaged- a couple who are going to get married

  • partner- a person you are in a relationship with (man or woman) . EG My partner is a doctor.

  • fiance/fiancee- a man/ a woman engaged to be married

  • mother-in-law/ father-in-law /sister-in-law/brother-in-law- parents/siblings of husband/wife

  • siblings- brothers and sisters

  • immediate family- mum, dad, siblings

  • extended family- family like cousins, aunts etc

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