Being Polite

Why is being polite important?  Well, if you are too direct you can sound rude and possibly a bit aggressive. It's not that difficult to be polite in English, once you know some essential phrases. Get the best from people by being polite!

Asking for something:

  • Can I have....., please?

  • Could I have........, please?

Asking for permission:

  • Do you mind if.....?

  • I was wondering if I could....?

Not understanding: I often hear students use the phrases " Can you repeat please?" This is not really used by native speakers very much. It is more common to use:

  • Sorry? ( rising intonation)

  • Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.

  • Sorry. Could you say that again please? ( very formal)

  • What's that ( very informal)

  • Pardon?

Saying no: When we say no to someone in English we tend to soften the phrases and rarely use the word " no" alone.

To a request for help:

  • I would love to help, but...........

  • I wish I could help, but....

To an offer you do not want to accept:

  • Thanks for the offer, but......

  • I appreciate the offer, but......

To an invitation:

  • I'm afraid I can't.

  • That sounds great, but...

  • I'd love to, but.........

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