Keeping A Conversation Going!

How do you keep conversations going in a natural way? Native English speakers use question tags  to sound friendly and communicative. Talking about the weather is a great way to start a conversation! Which of these 2 examples would keep a conversation going?

A It’s so cold. 

B It’s so cold, isn’t it?

It’s B, isn’t it? Question tags are useful when chatting with friends and making polite conversation with strangers. They are also a good way to make the listener speak. Look at how this conversation between Ed and Harry builds using question tags:

Harry: You love playing the guitar, don’t you?

Ed: Yeah, I really like it. You’re having lessons, aren’t you?

Harry: Yes. I have a good teacher, now. That helps, doesn’t it?

Ed: Oh yeah, definitely! You didn’t like your last teacher, did you?

Harry: Oh no, I didn't!

How do we form question tags?

If the main part of the sentence is positive, the question tag is negative.....

You’re having lessons, aren’t you?

….and if the main part is negative, the question tag is positive.

You didn’t like you last teacher, did you?

And finally.....What's the correct intonation to sound natural? Most of the time in these kind of conversations the tags are not stressed. We use soft and falling intonation.

Question tags are really useful in everyday conversation, aren’t  they?