Job Interviews In English

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience  at the best of times. Having to speak in a foreign language even more so!

Whether in a first or second language the best piece of advice has to be prepare, prepare, prepare! Fail to plan, plan to fail - as they say.

Here are some typical questions you would get in any job interview, with tips on how to answer them and key language points.

Tell me about yourself.

Do not give the your life story! Give a general overview and connect your experience with the reason for applying for the job. Make sure you know your C.V very well!

  • So, that's why I have applied for this position./ Therefore, I feel I am right for this job./ That's one of the reasons why I'm interested in this position.

Why do you want to work for us?

" I want the money and the holiday !" No, just kidding! This is a bit of a trick question, because you should answer it by talking about what you can offer them, not the other way around. So, talk about their needs and what you can do for them.

  • Because what I can bring to you is.....( experience, technical knowledge, enthusiasm) and I think this is the type of company that would appreciate this.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Talk about your progress through their company and the experience you would like to gain.

  • I would like to think that....../ I can see myself having gained valuable ( sales, product, technical) experience.

What do you know about our company?

This is where you research beforehand really comes into good use. Choose a coupe of these to impress them with : products, services, size of company, reputation, history, culture, ethos

  • I'm really impressed by.....

  • Your approach very......

  • I think you have a great reputation for......


What are your strengths?

Take a good look at the job description and relate your strengths to that. 

  • I feel that I have .......( put in skills that are closely related to the job)

What are you weaknesses?

Do not say " Working too hard!". Think about something that you have worked on through education and training ( it could be learning English). End this on a positive note. Use present perfect.

  • I have been working on improving my English speaking skills. As I haven't been feeling confident in my spoken English for a while. So I have started taking classes online with a very helpful teacher ;)

Why should we hire you?

This is your chance to show how you are different to other candidates and put together a combination of your skills that would be suited to the position.  You might have excellent IT skillls, but you have also just completed and professional qualification that would benefit your employer. Try and think about the position and how you  would be bringing something different to the role.

  • I believe that....../ I have the experience and attitude that to excel in this position...... ( then follow this up with your unique selling points)

Remember don't make any of your answers to long, 1 - 2 minutes is ideal. Do you want practise? Contact me here to set up a class.